Round Barn Banquet Center and Catering

Banquet Policies

Room Rental

Room rental fees are based upon many factors. Revisions is group counts, times, dates, or meal functions may necessitate revisions in room rental fees. A manager will be happy to discuss this with you.


A $200 non-refundable deposit is required for all functions to hold a room, and is due upon reservation. On any fraternity or sorority functions, dances and fashion shows, a $500.00 non-refundable security/damage deposit is required in addition to the initial $200.00 deposit. Security/damage deposits will be refunded 7 days after a scheduled event. Half payment is due 30 days prior to weddings, dances, fashion shows, and fraternity or sorority functions. All remaining balances are to be paid immediately following the event.

Guarantee Policy

An accurate estimate of attendance must be submitted to the Round Barn seven days prior to an event. Seventy-two hours (72) prior to an event, the Round Barn must receive a final guaranteed attendance figure. This is what will be charged if the event falls under the final guaranteed attendance figure. If the final guaranteed attendance fall is under 90% of the previous seven-day estimate, the client will be charged for the difference at the rate of one-half the original per person rate.


Cancellations of any function are required ninety days prior to the function or a penalty will be incurred. Cancellations of holiday parties are required six months in advance.

Menu Selections

A finalized menu is required at least two weeks prior to the function. Numbers of meals are mandatory seven days prior to an event. Round Barn must also receive a final Seventy-Two (72) hour count of the individual meals.

Plated Dinners

Plated dinners with more than one choice will incur a one-dollar ($1.00) per person, per extra choice cost. Groups over 35 may choose two choices at a maximum on plated dinners. Any extra plated dinner that is less than 35 guests will incur an additional $1.00 per person charge, in addition to the $1.00 charge if additional choices are added.

Buffet Dinners

A minimum of 35 guests is required for a buffet to be served. If the final guaranteed count falls below 35 guests, a fee of $1.00 per person will incur.

General Policies

Only food and beverage purchased from the Round Barn is allowed on premises, unless otherwise approved. Any cost due to the breakage, extra clean up or damage to the premises will become the responsibility of the clients. Prices are subject to change without notice; however, pricing stated on a signed contract will be honored. Due to insurance regulations, it is forbidden to carry out any food or beverage provided by the Banquet Centre. The throwing of rice or birdseed outside of the Round Barn is prohibited, however large confetti is an acceptable substitute. The blowing of bubbles is prohibited inside all banquet rooms. The Round Barn reserves the right to waive policies at the discretion of the banquet office.

Finalization of Menu/Pricing

The choice of menu or menu selections for any event are not finalized until the time that the Round Barn Banquet Centre is in possession of a SIGNED contract. Until that time, availability of menu items and prices are not guaranteed.